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How To Prep for Paint: Chemical Cleaning Prior To Epoxy

Mr. Mark Aquino, CEO & Founder of Aquino’s Auto Restoration shows you how to Prepare for Paint. You’ve stripped your car to bear metal- now what? Here’s a How To Do a Chemical Cleaning prior to spraying Epoxy.

After Chemical Cleaning, watch how Mr. Mark Aquino sprays Epoxy. Learn How to Restore Your Classic Car from Your Home Garage right here by visiting often. You can also ask your questions directly to Mark during Shop Talk, Wednesdays at 8AM Pacific Time!

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6 Responses to “How To Prep for Paint: Chemical Cleaning Prior To Epoxy”

  • Interesting blog you got here but I can’t seem to find the RSS button.

  • Robbie Girad says:

    Hello! I found your blog quite by mistake, and it turned out being a blessing! This is very interesting, and I will be back for more :) Thanks!

  • Tim Randall says:

    Great post. I’ve been looking for this exact information for a while now. Bookmarked!

  • Mark Aquino says:

    Hello and Thank you for visiting The RSS button is on the top right hand corner of the blog. We appreciate you bookmarking the site or picking up the RSS feed and leaving your comments!
    Aquino Staff

  • Mark Aquino says:

    Hi Randall,
    What’s a Montif browser? I use Mozilla and everything works fine. But I did do a system update and wonder if that could be the problem.

  • David says:

    Very nice blog, found out some unknown fact. Be sure to subscribe to your newsletter.

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