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Day-1 Getting Started: Equipment & Resources

To start restoring classic cars from your home garage, you don’t even need a garage!  As Mark Aquino stated during his 30 min. segment of “Shop Talk with Mark Aquino” on Blog Talk Radio. As he did, you could literally start on a dirt floor! Although you don’t need a home garage, you will need some tools and equipment as well as some resources to do your homework.  Here is a list of tools, equipment & resources that Mr. Mark Aquino recommended on the show, “Day-1: How to Restore Your Classic Car from Your Home Garage”.

  1. Compressor, 5-horse or bigger with good oiling & filtering system
  2. Small mig Welder
  3. Cutting Torches
  4. Air Grinder-one that’s good all around
  5. Guide cutter
  6. Saw Zaw
  7. 6-8 inch “Hog” DA Neumatic Air Sander
  8. Assortment of electric hand tools (wratchets, screwdrivers, plyers, vice grips, etc.)
  9. Assortment of air tools, ie: spray gun, primer gun, finish gun

You’ll want to reference the following resources when doing your research:

  1. Auto Trader-Classic Cars
  2. Classic Monthly
  3. Muscle Machines from Hemmings
  4. Motor Trend
  5. Hemming Motor News
  6. DuPont Registry
  7. Hot Rodding
  8. Street Rodder and
  9. Walneck’s Classic Cycle

We’ll be broadcasting this show every Wednesday at 8AM live from San Diego, California, so call in to get your questions answered or leave your comments below! 

Hey, Mark Aquino here.  Just to make your life easier, I went ahead and put those magazines and resources in the “Get these” from Amazon box below.  You’re going to need them to do your research.  When it comes to purchasing the tools and big items, I’ll do a video segment on that, so stay posted.  Again, you don’t want to waste any money if you don’t have to!  And a note on buying used–you should if you could.  People are always upgrading stuff and one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, I say!  So, if anyone’s got some of this equipment for sale, post it in my For Sale page and leave it under “comments”.  Again, don’t buy your tools until you watch my “How To Shop for your Shop Stuff”…I’ll post it here and on my You Tube channel.  Did I mention that yet?  My You Tube Channel is MrMarkAquino-check it out!

Day-2 of Shop Talk “How To Restore Your Classic  Car from your Home Garage” will talk about how to choose the right vehicle according to your skill level and budget and this could be for a personal project or investment!   Talk to you Next Wednesday at 3:30PM on Blog Talk Radio!

Catch you later!


Did you find this post valuable?  Please leave any comments, questions, or feedback regarding this post or Day -1 of Shop Talk below.  And don’t forget to share this post using the button below!  Looking forward to sharing much more information with you on this topic very soon…

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    Yes, we’ll continue to add more information time permitting. If you have questions, feel free to call in during our radio show “Shop Talk with Mark Aquino”. It’s the easiest way for us to answer everyone’s questions. Thanks for posting!

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