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Mark Aquino was born and raised in Santa Maria, California. He is number 10 out of 11 brothers and sisters. Mark grew up in a rough neighborhood and by having so many brothers, knew stuff he shouldn’t have at an early age. He started working on engines at 8 years old and fondly remembers the dangers of experimenting. “We use to work on engines and let them bounce around on the sidewalk. That wasn’t very safe. We were kids and that’s what kids do. Back then you could get away with a lot.” Mark is infamous in his town and was known as being a “radster” who always had cars. By age 13, Mark already had a collection of cars (1966 Chevelle SuperSport 396 4-speed, 1968 Nova 396 4-speed) that lined his father’s drive-way. In fact, at age 20, he had 21 moving violations. He had to go to court to beg the judge to keep his driver’s license! The judge had looked at the ticket which showed the speed and type of car Mark was driving and said, “Son, you don’t have the maturity to be driving the cars that you do! My advice to you is to sell them!”

And that’s exactly what he did. He began to buy, sell and restore 1960-70 American Muscle Cars. The rest is history.[pro-player][/pro-player]

11 Responses to “About”

  • jack hogue says:

    what’s up mark,i looked at your site on you tube looks real good i thing it”s great your leaveing your dream it reminds of the old days in santa maira!!! my boys watched it they ask me is all that true
    about you i said yes it’s true and there’s much much more!!!! i’am still here in st louis working for the same airline 25 years in may still just a dumm old mechanic.

    call me sometime

  • Cal says:

    I find your site to be very useful, lots of good information keep it up.

  • Mark Aquino says:

    Did you want to know more about me?

  • larry bolusan says:

    mark, what kind of cam again, what can i do to beef up my tranny

  • Hi Mark, I discovered you on YouTube. I’m getting ready to primer my ’66 Chevelle SS396 – my first car, by the way. I’ve had it for 31 years now, so I guess it’s a keeper. I’ve never done auto paint, so your videos are helping me out. I do have a suggestion for you. You need to put on a microphone, because I have to turn my sound all the way up and it’s still not loud enough. Anyway, keep the videos coming, and I will keep watching. :)

  • Kevin Berlyn says:

    Came across your site whilst searching for information on Body working…
    Currently restoring an old 67 Morris Mini Deluxe and found your site very informative
    Stil not happy with the results in blocking the many curves on a mini, I just re primer and try again
    All the best from Australia mate, and I look forward to seeing more and more videos from you….


  • Mark Brown says:

    Great catching up with you and hearing about your latest projects. It’s always great to see you.

  • Mark Aquino says:

    Nope. There’s more about me and where I grew up in the ‘About’ section.

  • Mark Aquino says:

    Give me a call at 760-940-0913. I got bucket seats for your 66/67 Chevelle. Call me and let’s set up a time for you to come and check it out. Mark

  • Mark Aquino says:

    Thanks for your reply! Yes, for mopars, I’m expanding my interest in mopars in recent years. Whenever you’re in LA, give me a call and we’ll meet up! Perhaps we can do business together. 760-940-0913.

  • Mark Aquino says:

    Please give me a call. I’d like to talk to you! 760-940-0913. Mark

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