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“Shop Talk with Mark Aquino” is a 30 minute radio show where listeners can call in and ask questions directly to Mr. Mark Aquino about their restoration project. We’re on every FRIDAY morning at 10AM Pacific Time. The call-in phone number is 347-857-1678.

So, if you’ve left questions for Mark in our mailbox or on this website, listen to “Shop Talk with Mark Aquino” for his response(s)!
Thanks for joining us in preserving the art of Classic Car Restoration!

If the multi-media player (above) is not showing or playing on your screen right now, here’s the direct link to Blog Talk Radio Show:

This series is How To Restore Your Classic Car from Your Home Garage:

Day 1- How To Start- Background & Research(The Blog post that accompanies this show, Day 1, is
Day 2- How To Set-up Shop in your Home Garage (The blog post that accompanies this show, Day 2, is
Day 3- Researching, Negotiating & Purchasing Your Dream Car
Day 4- (No Show- technical difficulties)
Day 5- Q & A to sum up Days 1-3 -Tool selection & Shop Set-up
Day 6- Q & A continued on Shop Set-Up
Day 7- Creating a Game Plan
Day 8- How To Work Your Game Plan
Day 9- Body Work 101
Day 10-Bodywork: Dissembly, packing & labeling parts
Day 11- Bodywork: Parts & Materials **Some technical difficulties. See Video (pending)
Day 12 Bodywork: Outsourcing

5/21/2010 at 10AM Day 13- Bodywork: How to Do Metal Work
5/28/2010 at 10AM Day 14- Body work: How to do Body Work
6/04/2010 at 10AM Day 15- Body work: How to Prep for Paint
6/11/2010 at 10AM Day 16- Mechanic Work Prior to Painting!
6/18/2010 at 10AM Day 17- Evaluate Mechanics

TBD Day 18- Outsourcing Mechanic Work
TBD Day 19- Creating Mechanics Parts List
TBD Day 20- How to Restore Your Drive Train!
TBD Day 21- How to Restore Your Engine!
TBD Day 22- How to Restore Your Suspension!
TBD Day 23- How to Restore Your Brakes!

Call in with your questions or leave questions down below and they’ll be answered during the next show. Thank you for being with us as we preserve the dying art of classic car restoration!

Mark & Marie Aquino
Aquino’s Auto Restoration

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10 Responses to “Shop Talk”

  • Ricardo says:

    Hi Mark thanks for all your input you are putting out. I sprayed the underside of my 80 z/28 in black epoxy primer it turned out great. I look forward to blog talk radio every week and by the way day 10 talk show was the best to date! keep up the great job your doing again thanks!

  • ricardo says:

    what happened on day 11 show? it was like one minute long :( can you do video on how to properly use a mixing cup’s scale for example mixing 2-1 and so on thanks mark

  • Mark Aquino says:

    Hey Ricardo,
    Yeah, we’re going to have to do a video on Day 11 because you’re not the only one with the technical difficulty. We’ll go over mixing as well! Thanks for listening and posting your question(s)/concerns.

  • Mark Aquino says:

    We moved the Radio Show to Fridays at 10AM Pacific Time. Looking forward to talking you all then!

  • […] Shop Talk Mr. Mark Aquino, Classic Car Whisperer » » RADIO SHOW MOVED TO FRIDAYS @ 10AM PST! […]

  • jerry says:

    hi mark,isanded my car parts down with 80 grit and apllyed a first coat of primer now how do i get the scratches out and what are the next sandind and priming steps for paint.

  • dallas texas says:

    Nice of you to share your knowledge with the public…Thanks for your time and keep up the kick a$$ restorations you keep putting out…

  • Eric says:

    Great radio webcast!

    Are you recording all these projects you are doing? The 70 camaro, the 69 Chevelle etc etc. I really hope you are having Marie or someone recording this as moving videos speak a thousand words a minute.
    I want to see what you describe in your radio show in videos please!

    Great laymans explanations of what you do. I want to see it done in your projects you have going on now. Please video these and not waste all that precious show how its done.

    Thank you!!!!

  • Mark Aquino says:

    Hi Eric,
    Thanks for your concern. We haven’t abandoned the site…we had a baby! LOL!
    We’re streamlining the site too so that we can get a better handle of ALL the emails/comments/submissions we’ve gotten from it. Thanks again for your concern. You’ll be seeing more soon!

  • Mark Aquino says:

    Hey Eric,
    Thanks for your feedback. We thought the same thing which is why we’re working diligently on making that happen! Thanks again for your compliments and stay tuned!

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