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Day 8 on “Shop Talk with Mark Aquino”

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Hello everyone!
As you know, we’re on Blog Talk Radio every Wednesday at 8AM for “Shop Talk“. Today we broadcasted an important segment which we believe is the major pitfall for most people who attempt to restore their classic car. We are discussing how to plan your restoration project and how to work that plan, so be sure to listen to that show (Day 8).

Here are the Top 6 Pitfalls in Auto Restoration:

1) Not doing enough research prior to purchasing the car or project
2) Not knowing the value of the car as it sits, how much it costs to restore it and what the value is of the car when fully restored
3) Not having accurate information or resources to get accurate information
4) Not having Dedication
5) Not having Vision of what the car will look/drive like when completely restored.
6) Not creating or sticking to a realistic budget.

Keep these in mind when you go about your project and NEVER GIVE UP! Mark Aquino is available to take your restoration questions during Shop Talk every Wednesday at 8AM Pacific Time. Next Wednesday, we will go over Bodywork 101, see you then!

Thank you and have a great day!

Oh, and if you listened to last week’s show (Day 7), the car we talked about, the 1967 442 Oldsmobile, is right here: